Zhuji Wuxie tourist areas

Wuxie Lake

Wuxie Lake by Ryan. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Located 23 kilometers northwest of Zhuji city office. 72 peaks,36Ping,25,10,5stone cliff waterfall,3,2,1Valley Creek Lake, five drain constitute a natural landscape painting, known as "little wild goose " is called. Is a provincial-level scenic area, national Forest Park, look attractive natural landscape, humanitarian landscape is very rich. The locals for a water discharge falls, folded into five, so called" five leakage". The five discharge falls as early as 1400 before the famed at the world, Li Daoyuan 's" Shui Jing Zhu", has a detailed record. Generations of men of literature and writing such as Wanli Yang of the Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty Wang Shipeng, Yang Tieya, Chen Hongshou, Xu Wei, Yuan Hongdao, Song Lian has this tour, leaving drawings, poems. The Ming Dynasty, Tang Yin, four talents such as Wen Zhengming poetry tour in five leaks, become a favourite tale. Modern Wu Chaoshu, Zhang Zongxiang, Jiang ding ...

The train station by 57 direct; to do about an hour by car to the bus station from Shaoxing, Zhuji, an average of 10 minutes a bus fare of $ 19, get off and change to the grass-tower bus seat to small articles of daily pulls 57 Road, that is.

By car: on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway in Hangzhou around the diversion of the beltway (note not the Hangzhou Ring) in Xiaoshan at Quzhou Expressway and Zhuji exit, the first traffic light turn right, traveling towards Datang town about traveling half an hour of direct access to the Zhuji Wuxie Scenic Area, under the high-speed, full three hours.

Map showing location of Zhuji Wuxie tourist areas

Above: Location of Zhuji Wuxie tourist areas in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China