Zhuge Bagua Village

Zhuge Eight Diagrams Village

Zhuge Eight Diagrams Village by kanegen. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Zhuge Bagua Village, formerly known as high-Lung Village, located in the western Lanxi City, is the largest settlements ever found descendants of Zhuge Liang. The pattern of construction in the village "Eight

Diagrams" style cloth column, and save a lot of the Ming and Qing Dynasties of ancient dwellings, is only unique in the world ancient cultural village. Latitude 29.5 north, longitude 119.2. The middle of the village terrain of Saudi Arabia, four weeks gradually, forming a pond. The pool is the core of the Zhuge Bagua Village is also a cloth out of the starting point of the "Eight Diagrams".

Zhuge Bagua Village, located in Zhejiang Province in central and western Lanxi City in the mountains, according to research, the village began construction of the Yuan Dynasty in the late 27 generation descendant from Zhuge Liang Zhuge master. So far, more than 600 years of history, is still preserved, the new place for people to travel Fanggu. Village 17 km away from Lanxi City, now lives in the wise descendants of nearly 4,000 people, the wise descendants of the largest settlements. According to historical records, the overall structure of Zhuge Village wise the 27th generation American Zhuge lion Jiugong gossip design the layout of the entire village as the core clock pool, eight lanes radiate outward, forming the inside gossip, the more amazing is outside the village eight hill surrounded by the entire village, constitute the outer gossip; the village to the Ming and Qing architecture, more than 200 existing completely preserved Ming and Qing dynasties of ancient houses and halls. Hundreds of years, but the pattern of the village Jiugong gossip has remained the same, its "brick and gray tiles, wharf wall, fat beam, the architectural style of the fat column, boudoir", China's ancient villages, a model of ancient houses. Called Bagua Village because of its terrain, the village building structure like inside and outside the two gossip. Villages in the encirclement of the eight hills, eight hill like distribution much like the gossip, the formation of outside gossip; building in the village, street Octagon echoes. Bell pool located in the center, like tai chi yin and yang fish Figure 8 alleys radiate outward to form the inside gossip.

Map showing location of Zhuge Bagua Village

Above: Location of Zhuge Bagua Village in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China