Yuyuan Garden

YuYuan Garden

YuYuan Garden by Wolfgang Staudt. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai is an ancient classical Chinese garden. It copies from the garden styles found in Suzhou. The gardens provide a escape from the buzz of Shanghai. You could almost think you were far out of the city if it were no for the tall towers of Pudong peeking over the tree tops. Around the gardens is a modern, ancient style, shopping area. This area is designed for tourists and you should note that prices here are higher than else where in Shanghai, and much higher than elsewhere in China. At the entrance to the gardens, is a old tea house set in the middle of a small pond and approached by a zig-zag nine span bridge. This is an excellent location to rest for a while and enjoy a pot of Chinese green tea. The tea house has in its time been visited by American presidents and Queen Elizabeth of England.

Map showing location of Yuyuan Garden

Above: Location of Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai, Shanghai, China