Yuhuan Dalu Island Tourist Area

Deer island alone in the vast east China Sea,6 nautical miles from Yuhuan Kanmen port. Are perennial green coverage, scenery and luxuriant, such as hectares long with jade. The ancient legend heaven a deer, for stealing the title cents fruit scattered in the world and is in the East China Sea, and then into the block shape of deer island, named the islands. At the mountain show Mei Lin, peak rock Jun, reef odd stone gods, and rock carving art, colorful, so was the Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Wang Fang inscription praise for "east of jasper". Here areas, attractions, Luo Hanyan, Longmen bridge, grottoes, Longyou cave, longevity, Sigiriya Lion Rock, rock, general holes Longtan, stonefish, bridge from king.

Map showing location of Yuhuan Dalu Island Tourist Area

Above: Location of Yuhuan Dalu Island Tourist Area in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China