Yeli Guan Scenic Area

Yeliguan the edge of Forest Park is located in the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Gannan Tibetan self-rule of the state jone Lintan counties territory east of Lianhua Mountain Nature Reserve, west cooperation City North and Linxia, ​​Leisure adjoining, the total area of ​​79,400 hectares the forest coverage rate of 63%, vegetation coverage rate of 92.0%. The area belongs to the humid climate of the plateau, is characterized by alpine moist temperature small difference, the monthly difference, the rain and heat in the same quarter, the vertical difference significant. Lintan the rule of force off center, is divided into four scenic areas of Lotus Hill, Xixia, East Gorge and the rule of the sea lake. The landscape Lotus, the rule of wood Gap Lake, the rule of the sea, Red Cliff, Glen, a giant reclining Buddha and other landscape. The rule of the Wood River runs through the region, Tao He flows from west to east. The geological structure is complicated, strange landforms. The flat landscape of the rule of Wood River, the natural pastures of the grass lush, steep, narrow ditch valleys of the training bead Gap. Downstream to woodlands vast stream eddy whirl winding gully. The Pente Gap steeply Chihiro, Qi Lin, old trees-plate rocks, Qiu sticks upside down, strange things.

Map showing location of Yeli Guan Scenic Area

Above: Location of Yeli Guan Scenic Area in Gannan, Gansu , China