Ye Sanpo 100 Li Scenic Area

Scenic total length of 105 Wa Lane consists of three canyons. The outermost one is called "Scorpion ditch: total length of 25 Wa Lane, a" fairy official guide "attractions to visitors the introduction of scorpion ditch, the ditch over the grass for Health and scorpion named in the scenic area at the entrance. The grass shaped like a young mulberry touched its leaves, such as skin, feel a pain, but little time to Jiyu. The Scorpion King Zhuang of trench there "Longtan Serenade", "Moor Cliff," locks cliff ", it is amazing.

The middle of a canyon "Begonia valley: the trench around the Begonia named a total length of 35 Wa Lane, here Tsui wall, towering Cong Luan Maninsan, a gigantic, daunting. Tour along the ditch, the odd risk, "Tiger Mouth" narrow "Sky" lifelike "Looking back on the Goddess of Mercy", large-scale under the bridge "and the" bridge "Wonderful landscape, so that visitors to dazzle. During midsummer, wild crabapple blossoms full of ravines, fragrant, step by step is the King.

The third valley is called "10 hanging Gap", due to ditch the distribution of dozens of curved cliff named after a length of 45 Wa Lane.

Into the canyon, stretch cattle Lake Falls, the Ganoderma Hill "shuiliandong", arc-shaped cliff formation but not the day "puzzling" strange peak, Qiao Ya carved lion born "and other attractions come into visitors to the eye. Can be described step by step the King, like entering a fairy-tale world. Three Canyon 105 li in length and therefore the name "Hundred Miles Canyons". Rocks towering canyons, cliffs climbed, vegetation will occur, the strange karst strong King set male, dangerous, extraordinary, quiet as a whole, constitute an event in nature, "Barry Gallery.

Hundred Miles Canyons deep canyons, sunshine time is short, so up to 40 ℃ temperature outside, the canyon still maintain the temperature around 20 ℃, is a typical "natural air conditioning, a good place for the Summer heat. In addition, canyon, the growth of a plant called ear tufts rock fern is a fern, the local people call it the "centipede grass or fern orchid, it can not only sterilization, can also release a large amount of negative oxygen ions, promote blood circulation and metabolism. Into a Hundred Miles Canyons, you the equivalent of washing a lung. Hundred Miles Canyons entrance Han castle, which is an imitation of Han building carrying beam and Chuan Dou-style architecture, is built by the order to shoot the TV series "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Empty City", a play location is now access to scenic symbol.

Hundred Miles Canyons ladder 2800 order, the total length of 1200 m, the relative height of 270 meters. The ladder is a section of connection between the the Begonia valley gorges and 10 cliff canyon. Recorded on the steps of the first year records of the key events in history and literature classes in BC after the Chinese influential, climb the ladder to challenge their own physical fitness, and enjoy the pretty scenery, feel the history of China leisurely civilization. The ladder on both sides of the original secondary Although some plants sized thick all over the rosewood and shrub plants. . . It has over 100 years of age. The life that grows in the rock exudes a hint of fragrance, the freshness of the people feel the natural oxygen bar. Health comes from the sports ladder to test your physical fitness.

Hundred Miles Canyons tickets for 90 yuan a person (the main scenic attractions entrance to the car battery to choose from, and from 8 yuan / person); Hundred Miles Canyons Package (Hundred Miles Canyons + the impression Yesanpo theater) 180 yuan; holding the old card. student card, active duty, $ 45; children under 1.2 meters and the elderly over 70 years of age free.

Yesanpo Theatre: Tickets Third Class: A ticket is 260 yuan, B ticket 160 yuan, C ticket is 90 yuan

The gantry day scenic view: small cycles of 30 yuan - 40 yuan a cycle

Baicaopan: 60

Springs Mountain: $ 30

Forest Valley: $ 30

National Park: 30 yuan

Fish valley holes: 65 yuan / person

Customs Court (White Village, Dai Village): 50

Miao Village: 15 yuan

Map showing location of Ye Sanpo 100 Li Scenic Area

Above: Location of Ye Sanpo 100 Li Scenic Area in Baoding, Hebei , China