Yalu River Cruse

Dandong City from the Yalu River

Dandong City from the Yalu River by Derek Harkness. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

The Yalu River marks the boundary between China and North Korea. Cruse boats from Dandong run up and down the water front between the two countries. These boats allow you the closest possible look at the infamous recluse country on the opposite side of the bank. The cruises usually last about 30 minutes. North Korea souvenirs are available on the boat but are much cheaper on the shore. In addition to the large tourist cruise boats, small boats for just half a dozen people can be hired, though these provided just the same view as the larger cheaper boats.

Map showing location of Yalu River Cruse

Above: Location of Yalu River Cruse in Dandong, Liaoning, China