Xixia Chung Scenic Area

The patio foothills Xixia Chung LITHOGLYPHS, is located 13 km west of the Longnan City, Gansu Province, into County, commonly known as the "Huanglong monument" engraved in the Eastern Han, Jianning four-year (AD 171), is one of the three Chung Han Dynasty calligraphy. Benefits Anxi table Fragrance amount, all Han Li authentic records Wudu Prefecture Li Xi Dao track to mobilize people to open patio. The Xixia Chung LITHOGLYPHS, is the monument of the treasures of the ancient Cliff, clear fonts, strokes, Emotion, beautiful, strong knife, for the treasures of calligraphy, renowned at home and abroad calligraphy and historians. Monument under a pool of water, yellow, according to legend, the Yellow Dragon fly out since Tandi, the name Yellow Dragon. Here at Castle Peak confrontation, a pool of mid-stream, such as beads, group Tan, short waterfall phase, on the cliff, the ancient plank road footprint still exist. Along Geng Xun monument, peach monument such as Cliff than 20. The Mizoguchi there Li Keran the Xixia Chung monument title. Xixia Chung Cliff monument 2.2 meters high, 3.4 meters wide. Part of a tablet for the four seal cutting the word "benefits Anxi table. The body of the text for the table form of the official script incised line 12, 385 words, each word 9-10 cm square. Chronicles the life of Li Xi and record any of the excellent performance of the local chief executive, as well as its rate of China is through Xixia trail to benefit the people benevolent rule. Inscriptions and calligraphy have high archaeological research and copying appreciation of the value. Before the body incised Huanglong, White Deer, mannose, Golden Harvest, wood, even the rationale for and commitment exposed person image. Inscriptions surrounded by the Song and Yuan Fu, roads, the Chunxi years and Emperor Guangxu in the Republic of literati courtiers Fanggu Inscription 30 places and modern painter Li Keran title "Eastern Han Dynasty Cliff stone" and "Xixia Song". The the Xixia Chung bottom left of another one Han Li Cliff, commonly known as "The Peach Blossom Monument, about 1 km east of the Eastern Han Dynasty the Xiping three years (AD 173)" hanwu prefect Geng Xun monument cliff inscriptions, describes Geng Lai performance.

Map showing location of Xixia Chung Scenic Area

Above: Location of Xixia Chung Scenic Area in Longnan, Gansu , China