Xingye Lufeng Mountain Scenic Area

Industrial Deer Mountain Scenic Area is located east of the Industrial, 18 km from the county, scenic composed of two parts of the Longquan Rock and Deer Mountain Stone Forest Park, which the the Longquan rock provincial-level scenic spots, known as Lingnan first rock ", the Stone Forest Parkthe Qifeng stack, green trees, natural bonsai abound. Longquan Rock Scenic Area is located 1.5 kilometers east of Xingyexian Cheng Huang Wei. Area of ​​approximately 2.7 square kilometers, at an elevation of 130 m to 380 m, a subtropical monsoon climate. Better protection of the ecological environment, rich animal and plant stock. The entire scenic mountain landscapes and cave landscape, fields and forest scenery, followed by Mountain View, Dong Jing, water features, pavilions. 1995 was designated as the autonomous region-level scenic spots. Stone Forest Park, Deer Mountain is located in the main part of the Deer Mountain is a 2.4 km long and 0.6 km wide limestone mountain, Rock Hill territorial base because of its geological fault class. Yamakita Ssangyong cliff, Shannan Long cliffs of the mountain fairy peak, Long Head Cliff. The entire park can be summarized as "insurance", "A Quiet Place," "strong", "show" words.

Map showing location of Xingye Lufeng Mountain Scenic Area

Above: Location of Xingye Lufeng Mountain Scenic Area in Yulin, Guangxi , China