Xinglong Mountain National Nature Reserve

Xinglong Mountain is located in Yuzhong County of Lanzhou City, southwest of five kilometers, 60 kilometers away from Lanzhou City, 2400 meters above sea level. Ancient "white clouds often vast and boundless" name "Qiyun Mountain," to "Long famous" known as the "the Longyou first Mountain", as early as a hole has become the Western Zhou Dynasty Taoist practice. ground. Xinglongshan is from Lanzhou City, the most recent national natural forest protection district. The peak from the east peak, Dongfeng "booming," 2400 meters above sea level, Xifeng "Qiyun 2500 meters above sea level, between two peaks is booming Gap, Yunlong Bridge turned puts up the canyon. Now habitat Yunfeng the the BI Court asakumo concept, Lei Zu temple Diange; booming peak two Sendai, Bai Quan, the permitted Songjeong hi, drop tears booths and other attractions.

Map showing location of Xinglong Mountain National Nature Reserve

Above: Location of Xinglong Mountain National Nature Reserve in Lanzhou, Gansu , China