Xingcheng Ancient City

Xingcheng Ancient City

Xingcheng Ancient City by keso s. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

This anceint city dates to the middle of the 15th century, during the Ming dynasty of China. Though over hundred kilometres north east of Shanhaiguan, the traditional end of the Great Wall of China, Xingcheng was part of the Ming Chinese empire. It was an important government centre for the north east of China at that time.

Within the city today you can see the original city walls forming a square with sides of around 500 metres. One gate is found in each of the four walls with axis roads running between them. A bell or drum tower stands in the centre of the city. The former Ming dynasty commander's residence was restored in 2003 and can be toured. It is sited on the western axis. In the south west quadrant is the Xingcheng city museum. Many of the houses and shops are original though many are also modern reconstructions or reproductions. The main axis roads are lined with shops selling tourist souvenirs.

Map showing location of Xingcheng Ancient City

Above: Location of Xingcheng Ancient City in Huludao, Liaoning, China