Xing'an Scenic Area

Larix is ​​located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the land is located in the Corridor of Hunan, Guangxi, "the hub of ancient Cantonese Chu throat" is the principal source of the Xiangjiang River, Lijiang River, the world's oldest canal - the location of Lingqu Since ancient times the Chu Yuewen of intersection of the District, Xiangjiang River to the north, Li River water flows south to form the Xing An Qite geographical environment. The major scenic spots: the same as the wonders of the world through the ages Lingqu; mountain at Four Seasons, ten different days, "South China first peak MAOERSHAN;" the Shonan first hole milk hole rock; set landscape [Video] Lake Light

The Xing'an station: the station site in Xing'an County, Guangxi Xing Gui Middle Road, is the Xiang-Gui railway, built in 1938. Station 299 km from Hengyang, Station 714 km away from Pingxiang, Nanning Railway Bureau jurisdiction. Is currently the third-class station.

The Xing'an train station handling passengers by lowering the train can reach the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Nanning, Qingdao; also check your bags, and parcel consignment.

Xing'an is rich in tourism resources, Guilin tourism circle of sub-centers, major tourist attractions Lingqu, Water Street, the Merryland Leisure World the MAOERSHAN National Forest Park, the Red Army breakthrough the Xiangjiang Martyrs Monument Park, Qin Grand Courtyard Middle Kingdom , Xiangjiang source and other. Foreign star hotel 4 star a whole annual reception of three million people.

Historical and cultural tour

Spirit Drainage

Built in Qin Shihuang (214 BC) of thirty-three years, is the world's oldest artificial canal, 36 kilometers in length, connected the Xiangjiang and Lijiang, communication of the Yangtze River and Pearl River, Emperor Qin Shihuang unified Lingnan, the integration of the Central Plains culture and Lingnan cultural bridge and link. Location science, Kit Kat design, the construction of precise and appropriate, and the Great Wall, one south and the north, with the Splendors of Imperial China, the world's wonders. Is a national key cultural relics protection units. The Lingqu cross-strait scenic, cultural relics. Built the Lingqu park, park attractions spade mouth, and size scales, sub-reservoirs, temporary source Court, the spiritual source of Temple South Steep Court, champion bridge, Guo inscription monument, Qin Cultural Square, the four Yin Temple, flying stone, is a bright pearl in Guilin tourism circle.

Qin Grand Courtyard

25 km at the south-east of the county the Xiangjiang source Whitehead Township, Qin Courtyard, is a long history of the ancient village of the water source. The entire compound antique courtyard with the construction of the well-preserved Ming and Qing Dynasties, old house fly Alice corners of the eaves, painted birds, of fish; doors and windows carved small router, decorated with poetry and painting; the main room is spacious and bright, the rooms small and exquisite. The perfect embodiment of the folk art of Heaven.

Water Street scenic

The Xing'an scenic area of ​​Water Street is the Lingqu through the county section of both sides of the block, about 1 km. The Water Street area by five large part of the architectural culture of the Qin and Han dynasties, bridges culture, ancient sculptures culture, the Lingqu history culture, Lingnan marketplace customs and culture. Specific attractions Qin Wen Liuchang scenic empress bridge, Miles Bridge, the masi Bridge, the ancient stage, Huguang Guild Hall Gallery pavilion in, water Jieting Taiwan, 100 meters sculpture gallery, the group of ancient stone, folk customs area.

Qin Wen flow feast scenic

Is the the Xing'an Water Street entrance is the first important attractions. It tight lean on the location of the county People's Government, bordering Lingqu, covering about 3000 square meters. First, rebuild the the Xing'an the ancient city of the north gate, the scenic area, a product ranking, three Sophora japonica, in the form of the three ancient street of the nine wells Square, fully reflects the architectural charm of the Qin Dynasty.

Goddess bridge

Located in Qin Wen Liuchang scenic upstream about 100 meters, also known as days after the bridge, the Canglang bridge, was built in the Kangxi 2007 (1668), rebuilt in 2004, bridge pairs Pavilion, the bridge known as the Qing Dynasty, the great calligrapher Shaoji the title. Miles Bridge

In the Goddess bridge about 100 meters upstream, Tang Bao calendar year (825 years) Gui observed the Li Bogang built by and named after the legend from the Tang Dynasty capital Chang'an waterway 10,000 miles, Guangxi is the oldest stone arch bridge, so far has been a full 1200 history. History Chu key position ", 2004 rebuilt Qiaoting, the south shore of the bridge legislation written by the Ming Dynasty Yu-Miles Bridge in mind" article and "thousands of miles, such as owned by the inscription of two stone tablets.

The masi bridge Xing'an County landscape is located at the intersection of Miles Bridge about 100 meters upstream Lingqu Wells Creek, the pass there was originally a small wooden bridge, then Ma Yuan led his troops in the Nanping Cochin, his mount to this Yang Ti bray, do not want to bridge, Ma Yuan dismount bridge has rust, is a fund-raising bridges, pass the eternal stories, hence the name of the bridge. Original two bridges in parallel with the the Lingqu Water Street, north-south road, rebuilt in 2004, an increase of a connection across the Lingqu bridge, forming the "Three Bridges cross-dihydrate," the spectacle. Qiaoting for the architectural style of the Han Dynasty.

Ancient stage

Also known as Ian Van Court, the county is located in the central square with the Water Street intersection, 12 meters high, the upper and lower two floors above the singing, the following pedestrian Huizhou architectural style. The stage echoed with the Miles Bridge is a good place to watch a movie of the residents leisure.

Huguang Assembly Hall

Located in the Lingqu the middle of Water Street, built in toward the early years, the procedure of the southern Hunan, Hubei Association gathering of old living in Hung Yen Department, dedicated to the sages, singing entertainment venues. Equipped with a lobby, stage, the Pantheon and the garden. With typical style of the Chu culture.

The water Jieting Taiwan Gallery pavilion

Located the empress Bridge masi bridge about 200 meters Lingqu water roadside, according to Street Bangshui are solid wood structure, and gray tile roof, connected to the stone road, nestled in the green leaves, is the people's leisure and tourism , poetry and a great place to enjoy the scenery.

North Street, where

In northbound, Miles is a thousand years of cultural heritage guxiang wide 5 m, 300 m long, on both sides of all the Ming and Qing architecture, people appreciate the deep northern Guangxi Civic. Located the Lingqu Water Street on both sides of Lin Cizhi North Water Street houses, stretches nearly 100 km, are gray tiles, white walls, wood carving, flower windows and doors, with a typical "other bridges" Lingnan charm.

Red Tour

Red Army breakthrough the Xiangjiang Martyrs Monument Park

Located 2 km southwest of the county. Monument Park covers an area of ​​120 acres of magnificent sculptures of its Red Army is the largest monumental sculptures, the park also has a Red Army breakthrough in the Xiangjiang River Memorial. 100 bases for patriotic education. And towering Laoshan world, the the Jieshou Xiangjiang battle sites constitute a the Xing'an unique Red Tour.

Red Army Church

Was originally called "official Church", the command post located in the county about 23 km north of the territory of the ancient town of Jieshou Xiang River, when the Red Army breakthrough in the Xiangjiang River to cross the river and the Xiang River Battle, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai, Peng Red Army's senior leaders have in this command cross the river and fighting. 2006 was named national key cultural relics protection units.

Laoshan community

MAOERSHAN Nature Reserve is located in, steep mountains and majestic, surrounded by the vast primeval forest, the scenery is unsurpassed. The Red Army first difficult to walk, climb mountains, known by Lu Ting of the same name of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of prose, Lu Ting wrote a few words of the old mountain boundary Beiting.

Eco Natural Trail

South China's first peak - MAOERSHAN

Set of "Tarzan of the male, Huashan risk, quiet Lushan, Emei show in one MAOERSHAN, located northwest of Xing'an County, 80 km from the county seat, named for the peak shape of the giant cats prone. Peak elevation of 2141.5 meters, "Five Ridges absolutely the summit of South China", is the birthplace of the Lijiang River, Zi River, Xun River. 2004 was officially listed as national key nature reserve. Area of ​​300 square kilometers, the scenic spot, known as the Quaternary glacial "living fossil" hemlock lush virgin forest endless, a total of more than 800 species of plants, 112 species of rare birds and animals, including a national first class protected animals, II 30 species of protected animals. Scenic areas within the annual average temperature of 9 ℃, the highest temperature of 25 ° C, minimum temperature of -10 ℃. The main attractions are the "South China summit of the gods column cents worry Cliff, Hemlock Park, rhododendron forest, virgin forest, the Lijiang source, the Laoshan community Beiting, the U.S. World War II plane crashed monuments, etc. MAOERSHAN "mountain, Four Seasons, different days, spring the Azalea contests, and Xia Jiyun sea fluttering transitory man, autumn leaves berries pleasant winter rime Chiung-chih exceptionally Jiaorao Four Seasons Buddhist aura according to one must be called . In October 1996, the crash of a World War II U.S. aircraft wreckage was found in virgin forests, to increase her sense of mystery. Spring tours, rhododendron, Xia Guanyun sea, autumn to see the sunrise, winter play an excellent place of snow, but also the best summer resort in southern China.

Detached to send eco-tourist destination

Located at the foot of MAOERSHAN is a beautiful and mysterious ecological net. Here, you can whitewater rafting experience rafting thrills and excitement; You can also experience between the green mountain mountain bike and mountain motorcycle brings you the fun of sports, challenge the limits of life.

Century glacier large cave

Known as the "Spirit of Buddha Cave, located about 6 km southwest of the county Guihuang Gong Road, west of about 500 meters, caves and beautiful stones, alternating waterway land route tour is about one hour inside the cave, rocks varied and more of a natural stone Buddha. called the Dong Jing is a must.

Whitehead Tianshengqiao group

Karst depressions in the county seat 25 kilometers southeast of the Xiangjiang River source, is a typical karst landscape. Whitehead was born four bridges, within a short span of one kilometer, and they are strung together in a natural cave, known for its world-class geological wonders.

Desert Sichuan Guanyindong

Scenic area is located in 28 km away from the Xing'an county, 800 meters from the Government of the desert Chuanxiang fishing down the mountain, three asphalt road to fall back on a beautiful desert Rivera from the hole after the transportation is very convenient. Guanyindong about 2500 m, upper and lower layers, through the formation of a ring of oxen graphics resort. Cave pillars, Shiman, stone flower colorful, natural art gallery superb fossils, Lotus ladder called Rare and mysterious stone walls hieroglyphics hidden mystery the Songzi Goddess of Mercy, dragon, Bao Shengtang narrow view, Sanzo sun by Shuangshi treasures landscape is very charming. Large-scale cave wonders stack, magical scenery, Seven Wonders of the varied and vivid. Caverns up and down the second floor are mutually consistent, quiet quiet song. Inside the cave, cool, well-ventilated. In Guanyindong There are dozens of different landscape of grotesque and the image can be described step by step the King, always strange visitors in the cave can not only enjoy the magical charm of nature, and can increase their knowledge, to add a blessing.

Leisure travelers

Merryland Leisure World

The Merryland leisure unite with modern science and technology world is a sketch of the youth of the Lijiang River. Spirit Lake Scenic Area is located 4 km south of Larix, the largest Taiwan-invested projects in Guangxi, similar to the U.S. Disney theme parks, international standard golf course, unique in the landscape of Guilin super five-star resort, but also blocks of cabins in the forest resort, provide an excellent choice for people's entertainment, leisure and vacation.

Larix due to the special geographical position, located in the Chu and Vietnam at the turn since ancient times is the land of the Central Plains Han culture and Lingnan Baiyue cultural crossroads, especially the Lingqu repair pass, became the Central Plains and Lingnan an important link, the promotion of Zhongyuan and Lingnan political, economic, and cultural exchange and integration played an invaluable role, the Xing'an this magical land and thus accumulation of profound historical and cultural heritage.

Throughout the ages, the the Xing'an land has taken place in numerous major historical events, staged scene after scene of epic historical drama. Qin Shihuang unified Lingnan, the Red Army turned the corner here. Xing'an called "economic governance" and "the flourishing of the state, Yasukuni."

The emperor Tongyiliuguo, in 26 years (221 BC), named Wei Tu Sui shuaibing 500 000 for five military launched a war to conquer Lingnan, which a military way of Bai Yue Hing Annan attack. The rugged terrain, Qin forage operational difficulties, slow progress of the war, three years puzzled A Chi Nu. In order to solve the difficulties of Qin forage operation, the rate and death of Qin Shi Huang ordered the history of Paul between dihydrate in the the Xing'an territory Xiang, Li River to cut a canal - Lingqu, communication of the Yangtze River, Pearl River, to solve the logistical problems of the Qin Qin quickly unified the Lingnan.

Eastern Han the Jianwu sixteen years (AD 40), Cochin County (now northern Vietnam) Women levy side of sign II sisters rebelled against the Han, the fall of Lingnan more than 60 city, the Jianwu February, 18, Hamilton Fubo General Ma Yuan rate army by way of Larix, Nanping Cochin. Via Hung Yen during the Ma Yuan, has dredged Lingqu, and the construction of masi bridge one, the people of his brother's wife.

Takenori four years (AD 621), Tang this Xing'an County set up the Provisional source counties early Tang dynasty general, the Patriotic the public LiJing today Xing'an county city of Taiwan Ridge building Pro source county, and as a base, south rein the remnants of the Emperor Wu Xiao milling, put down the Lingnan.

Tang Bao calendar year (AD 825), Gui Li Bosheng rebuilt Lingqu observation to make, additional spade mouth and Doumen, which is the Lingqu history of the most important overhaul of its built-wah mouth and doumen to ensure Lingqu permanent safety and navigation. Especially the the Doumen construction of a pioneering history of World Water. Known as the "father of the ship lock of the world".

Song Jiayou three years (1052), Zhuang leader Nong Zhigao rebel Song, the Song Dynasty to send general Di Qing and Legend Yang Wenguang, sister Yeung eight (SMG sister) to the crusade, via Hung Yen Yan Guan, leaving a touching story.

In late November 1934 to early December, the Red Army Long March via Hung Yen, selected breakthrough Xiangjiang River in the 23 km north of the county jieshouzhen. The heroic soldiers of the Red Army and the KMT troops launched a battle during the Long March - the Xiang River Battle. The cost of 40,000 casualties, and finally broke through the fourth blockade of the Kuomintang troops, the Red Army from this turned the corner, laid the foundation for the convening of the Zunyi Conference.

In October 1996, a World War II the U.S. military the aircraft wreckage was found in virgin forest, MAOERSHAN cold Sino-US relations has opened a new chapter.

Map showing location of Xing'an Scenic Area

Above: Location of Xing'an Scenic Area in Guilin, Guangxi, China