Xinchang Big Buddha Temple

Xinchang Buddha

Xinchang Buddha by sjiong. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Xinchang large Buddhist temple, located in Xinchang City, Zhejiang Xinan Ming Shan. Here mountains, towering rocks, pavilions, Central cloth, old trees, repair the bamboo grove, and the large Buddhist temple there Shicheng temple said. The most prestigious heritage of the Big Buddha temple is a stone carving of Maitreya Buddha. Southern writer Liu Xie reputation as a "world treasure, such as industry, Kuang on behalf of David as", later called the "Buddha". This Buddha is the Buddha, in China Jiangnan comparable with the Datong Yungang, Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang in the Big Buddha is still one of a few of the several statues of one of the stone Buddha Statue. Stone Maitreya like not only for its large-scale, imposing extraordinary known to the world, but also unique in the Buddhist Sculpture. Statue sitting cross-legged; face show clear phase, bone, Wanya Jun Yi, dignified and kind. Wide forehead, nose Lianggao Long slender, facial features, side Yi thin lips, ears Chuijian, top Luo Ji. Wearing a frame Buddhist monk's robe; in the chest bare, dress crepe strokes natural and fluid. Beautiful posture, body symmetry, giving a detached, solemn feeling.

Map showing location of Xinchang Big Buddha Temple

Above: Location of Xinchang Big Buddha Temple in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China