Xianhua Mountain Scenic Area

Xianhuashan also known as Xian Gu Shan, located in Pujiang county, nine kilometers north of the main peak of the Jungfrau, 728 meters above sea level, named after the legend because of Regulus girls repair comprehension attained to heaven. Xianhuashan rise of about 150 million years ago, the Mesozoic Yanshan movement strongly fracture extrusion and volcanic activity formed. A hilly terrain areas, Peak gentle slopes are well developed.

Is divided into four scenic areas: North Shi Feng Lin, the rock scene of the "Sin Hua Fenglin scenic; South plum dock Hornsey" scenic Ming Zhao haunting gowns plant plum number, east the Chitose treasure palm monks practice to treasure the palm of the valley "area; west" the Xianhu clear water "area of ​​Central Hill hold water. A total of 24 peaks, 14 rocks and caves of 120 attractions. Xianhuashan strange, dangerous, Kuang, quiet reputation Jiangnan, there are 24 peaks, rocks and cave 14, 120 multiple of the size of the attractions. The mountain peaks and scenery are moving in the mountains towering stands a gigantic and gorgeous Qiaoyan frequent cloud rising shrouded, misty if Penglai. Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen, a poem: "Sin Hua distinguished the most weird, hope to Yunfu space". The first Song Lian of the Ming Dynasty founding Fumiomi called "the world must show District. The peak of Jungfraujoch, altitude 720.8 m, has always been the Jiangnan "Xianfeng" said According to legend, Huangdi girls repair this practice attain the heaven. Chronicles more than Confucianism, Taoism, the three relief celebrities the coexistence Sianfong, Jie Lu comprehension, known for its Chinese culture Clipsal. The scenic Xianhuashan, style peak, is located in East Central, located in the north of Zhejiang Pujiang County, the total area of ​​about 66 square kilometers. The Pujiang Su said, "Shuhuazhixiang was founded in AD 195 two years of Eastern Han Hing Fung. Xianhuashan located in Pujiang county about two kilometers endless peaks, the confrontation Sin Hua Shuangfeng in North and South, as Wang Ling, deep gorge between the side of a peak, bamboo the deep springs of clear, mountain, Ping Shan, Central water, unique charm, the South East Department of Huangpu River basin, its scenic landscape culture and Confucian culture and religion and culture for the content of the Peak peaks features integrated into the cultural landscape and the natural landscape as a whole, there are 24 peaks, 14 rocks vary Gang, size more than 100 attractions, strange, dangerous, open, quiet reputation Jiangnan. Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen poem: Sin Hua Distinguished most bizarre, hope Yunfu space. Is considered to be the District of heaven and earth must show the peak of Jungfraujoch, altitude 720.8 calendar Jiangnan first peak of said.

Map showing location of Xianhua Mountain Scenic Area

Above: Location of Xianhua Mountain Scenic Area in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China