Xiandu Scenic Tourist Attractions

Xiandu National Park

Xiandu National Park by Bill Lehane. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Xiandu, located in Zhejiang Province, Lishui City, Jinyun County, is punishable by a peak Qijue, landscape God show for landscape features, harmony rurality and human history as a whole, in order to sightseeing, summer recreation and scientific activities as one of the state-level key scenic area; also is a picturesque scenery, scenery is beautiful, climate pleasant resort. The territory of nine practicing Creek, ten miles Gallery, landscape is elegant, wind around the clouds. Qi one hundred and sixty caves, twenty-seven, "Guilin 's show, Mount Huangshan odd, Huashan.". Due to the long history, beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, qifengyidan, in different poses and with different expressions, an extraordinary as if done by the spirits that is impossible, the king maker when suspected calendar into the source of Wuling, past dynasties in this built homes, a reading, ask the immortal aspirants no lack of such people, men of literature and writing for the king 's poetry or carved in stone or carrier in the ceremony, the ancient...

In the South Bank of Creek there is a such as screen hill, on the mountainside precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, horizontal block a long six, seventy meters of Natural Stone Gallery, called" White Snake", also called" dragon Gengyan". Folk legend, Liu Xiu had to pass by the Eastern Han Dynasty, vertical cliff can go without the road, and the smell of horse soldiers have to heaven, in extremely critical when, a scaly dragon flying from the ledge light passes through, plowed Road, Liu Xiucong road to escape from danger. The white snake in the middle of the road, there is the Ming Dynasty Wanli Jinshi Zheng Rubi years to build" red room". Under the village across the creek across mountain line, long number, Creek provisional cliff steep side, up to 100 meters; under the Bitan, deep. The cliffs of red and white, from afar, like a flame of fire, and the similar Chibi, due to the small size, it is also called" little Chibi". Little Chibi is ancient say " white rock", the Southern Song Dynasty Literature

Dinghu peak, is the Zhejiang province Jinyun County Xiandu scenic area core. Dinghu peak, like bamboo shoots in spring, into the sky,170.8 meters high, on top of an area of 710 square meters, bottom area is 2468 square metre, called " the best in all the land"," the best in all the land of bamboo shoots". Green pines and verdant cypresses peaks between water storage pool, four inexhaustible. Legend has it that the founder of the Chinese nation and Xuanyuan Huang Di in the cast tripod alchemy, and then cross the red dragon ascension to place. Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi had " yellow flags to not return, cloud only rocky boulders. Sometimes the wind induced Dinghu waves, scattered to sunny rain to." The poem to describe the wonders of the world.

Map showing location of Xiandu Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Xiandu Scenic Tourist Attractions in Lishui, Zhejiang, China