Wuwei Desert Park

Wuwei desert park is located in Wuwei City,19 kilometers to the East, is located in the Tengger pull the edges of the desert, is a collection of scenery of big desert, grassland culture, landscape of China's first desert park. Has now become a into the desert scenery, the prairie style, landscape as one of the tourist attractions. Wuwei desert park built in the early 1986. 1994 desert park around the world to introduce desert plants of more than 350 varieties, built into scientific, fun for the whole desert botanical garden. In the area of 8000000 square meters of the desert park, planting desert plant about 5000000 trees,20dog breed, green rate of more than 80%. Look around, the garden in full of the horse orchid, long spike to tamarisk flower, flowers, flowers, wild Elaeagnus angustifolia L. white thorn flower, flower stick. In the face of this has green as the keynote of a riot of colours in the world, will make people forget it is desert. Desert park is not only successful piece of wax, Chinese toon, willow, Xanthoceras sorbifolia, as well as rare and endangered desert plants Daning package, capers, Mount Holly, white shuttle shuttle. Psammophyte, except from the Hexi Corridor, many from home and abroad as early as garden plants and ornamental plants. Algeria Calligonum, Lebanon, Germany early large-fruited hodgsonia water ZCC fly thistle

Map showing location of Wuwei Desert Park

Above: Location of Wuwei Desert Park in Wuwei, Gansu, China