Wong Yan-song Scenic Tourist Attractions

Ming Yan Song River Eight states in the Linxia Hezheng County to hang Tanxiang small gorge into the 65 km from Linxia, recreational 35 km, 35 km Lintao, Lanzhou 150 km, 200 km from the airport - Airport. Lan Lang Road in the vicinity over, the Artemisia Pro highway across which. Since ancient times, people pilgrimage, visit the scenic spots, with a total area of 2666 hectares.Song Ming rock territory of more than 200 species of trees, 379 kinds of wild flowers and wild herbs, rich plant resources to make the area the changing seasons are distinctive, colorful landscape, known as the green plants of the Kingdom. The same time, the Song Ming rock and is the main venue of the the Hehuang flowers and Tao Min flowers, Chinese flowers and heritage base and the world's intangible cultural heritage. Song Ming Yan Scenic Area by the National Tourism Bureau accreditation certification, is now a national AAAA level scenic tourist.

Map showing location of Wong Yan-song Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Wong Yan-song Scenic Tourist Attractions in Linxia, Gansu , China