Tiantai Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Tiantai Mountain

Tiantai Mountain by Jim Bowen. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution License.

The country called the Tiantai Mountain, there are many, none other than "Fozong channel sources, landscape scenery, but is not in the Tiantai Mountains Xu Travels" first "tour Tiantai Mountain Diary". Tiantai Mountain is the birthplace of the Buddhist Tiantai Sect, the Taoism Nanzong Forefathers and Living Buddha Ji Gong hometown is one of Chinese famous. Tiantai Mountain is located in Zhejiang Province, East Midlands, Stretching Zhejiang East China Sea, Hangzhou, Ningbo walk Expressway, (Yu) three (gate) highway to the Tiantai Mountain is only two hours. Tiantai Mountain Airport, near the Xiaoshan and Ningbo International Airport, the drive takes about an hour and a half an hour or so drive away from Huangyan airport. Tiantai Mountain in ancient times known as "Fozong channel source, Tiantai Mountain most famous temple is built in the Sui Dynasty Guoqing Temple, rebuilt in the Qing Yongzheng, temple 14, housing more than 600 hall in the Ming Dynasty cast weighs 13 tons of bronze Buddha seated. Tiantai Mountain attractions can be summarized in the ancient, clear, odd, quiet words. The Akagi Qixia, shuangjianji back to Lan, Huading Xiuse, Hainan and Taiwan Moonlight, etc. to be known as the rooftops of eight scenic spots. In addition, can not fail to mention is widely distributed one thousand meters high mountain Rhododendron fortunei, age over a hundred each year in late spring, a tree and 1000 Pa, she looks bright if the Xia, is the Tiantai Mountain, a major plant wonders.

Map showing location of Tiantai Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Tiantai Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China