Tianfu Tea Museum Area

Tea Museum, laid the foundation stone on January 8, 2000, the hospital on January 7, 2002, is the current boundary of the Tea Museum. Display museum collection calligraphy and painting the main hall, activity hall from time to time man-theme painting and calligraphy exhibition; on the second floor office to talk Friendship Hall pen will be held from time to time and on-site brush; the hall Dianshizhai sale a variety of Hall stone, sculpture, crafts. Museum Han Pavilion, Tangshan, Song Bridge, Yuan Tong, Clear Lake, Qingchi the Lanting Quxu, Taketo Gametea, and Ming wind stone, showing the Yuan Tea Garden landscaping facilities. Elegant and natural environment, is a collection of academic research, cultural heritage, educational and entertaining tea culture as one of the Grand View Garden, visitors can get in the entertainment in tea knowledge and understanding of tea, for tea and heritage tea culture.

Map showing location of Tianfu Tea Museum Area

Above: Location of Tianfu Tea Museum Area in Zhangzhou, Fujian , China