Three Gorges of the Yellow River Scenic Tourist Attractions

Qutang Gorge

Qutang Gorge by Keith Marshall. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Yellow River was the "S" shaped 107 km flows through the county, formed Bingling Gap, Liujiaxia, salt pan Gap three gorge, constitute the Yellow River Three Gorges scenic area, with a total area of ​​214 square kilometers. The beautiful territory of natural scenery, Jun Qi, dotted with monuments, ancient and modern culture of each other, is a rich in content, and the distinctive characteristics of a tourist destination. National key cultural relics protection units Bingling Temple scenic area; Yellow River Pearl, "said Liujiaxia Yanguoxia eight Gap three hydropower stations, is the cradle of China's hydropower business, 2004 Liujiaxia Hydropower Station was listed as the National Industrial Tourism demonstration sites; the Bingling Lake, Tai Chi Lake, Mao Lake is Northwest's largest artificial freshwater lake, the water area of ​​158 square kilometers, accounting for 73.8 percent of the scenic area, the formation of the Loess Plateau of Northwest scenery of unique "Gaoxiapinghu; Bing began with forest Danxia area of ​​more than 30 square kilometers, is very rare in Northwest China, the ancients as "the world wonders; Taiji Island is the largest artificial wetlands of the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River, crane, crane , glaze top of the crane and other 26 kinds of over 20,000 rare birds inhabit here; the size of the territory of dinosaur footprint fossils excavated geological heritage, many kinds of remains of a complete, called the world in 2001, the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources approved for Liujiaxia Dinosaur National Geological Park; Yellow River remains of the Yangshao culture rich and splendid, Qijia Sim Austin culture, known as the "pottery village," unearthed pottery Wang, "now in the possession of the Museum of Chinese History. The folk customs and folklore of flowers, exorcise, Yin Xiao, treasure of God, etc. within the scenic colorful simple unique, as a United Nations Protection of Intangible Heritage Organization the Linxia flowers be collected.

Yellow River Three Gorges Project is located in the Ordos Plateau in southeastern hilly land, the two sides cliffs precipice the bimodal dispute confrontation the shrillest upright, river tortuous varied, meteorological majestic, rugged scenery makes trend sliced ​​ax sigh sigh. City of the first Gap the slope Gap river usually slow, quiet as silk, tsunami, such as thunder shock. Ship Gap, turned bald shaped wave segment a few sharp bends, a distance, buns tower like a behemoth V river in general, head high, back to reliance on the Crest overlapping peaks, overlooking the mighty river. After the river water over the dam gates, past the yellow and turbid color, the Bik condensate green, 100 meters high outlet port diarrhea, fly bead splash jade, Blizzard heaps Mo, diarrhea go straight section of the Three Gorges Longkou cliff on both sides of the strait confrontation confrontation into the wall of the steep gorge, ravine secluded peak stunning.

Map showing location of Three Gorges of the Yellow River Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Three Gorges of the Yellow River Scenic Tourist Attractions in Linxia, Gansu, China