Taoyuan Cave

Taoyuandong Wing City, north of the city, Fujian Province. In ancient times the mountains along the Taoyuandong many the Bing palm tree, also known as the Bing palm Mountain history. According to records, the Tang Dynasty, there Toutuo monk Jie Lu Grievous, during the Five Dynasties Later Jin Jian Bing palm Temple. Ming Dynasty Wanli local Ansha two counties Secretary Machen Yuan Zhan Juan Zijian more than a decade at the Pavilion, Taiwan, House, House, take the meaning of "paradise" is renamed as Taoyuan Cave and the entrance on the cliffs inscribed with four characters of the Taoyuan hole . Southern Song Dynasty prime minister Li Gang and Deng Su, left right and proper in seclusion, reading, Ming Dynasty traveler Xu also visit here, and have left a poem. Since then, Yuen Tung Wen-ya Seoul. Danxia landform and vegetation to form peaks and cliffs, green, Hailin Oscillation and Bishuidanshan,.

Map showing location of Taoyuan Cave

Above: Location of Taoyuan Cave in Sanming, Fujian , China