Tanghe Scenic Area

Tanghe Scenic Area, Liaoyang, China

Tanghe Scenic Area, Liaoyang, China by Rincewind42. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

In 1983 this area became a provincial protected area and in 2002 was rated as an AA class tourism site on the national scale. It is an area of mountain, forest and water formed around a large reservoir. Tourist access is restricted to the north end of the reservoir, near the dam. There are three entrances. The western gate leads up over the hillside to a bay on the west side of the lake. The road goes for about 1km around the bay. This is a popular spot with locals for fishing. There is a jetty here from which tour boats operate although the service is erratic. Entry to this section is 10 RMB per person and 20 RMB per car. The centre and east entrances give access to the dam wall itself. Tourists can drive or walk along the wall and enjoy the view down the lake. The price for this section is an additional 10 RMB per person and 20 RMB per car.

In general, the park has seen better days. Little maintenance has been done to it and the length of drives/walks within the park are quite short. Even though the price is cheap, you are likely to feel a little cheated by the lack of facilities and things to do within.

Map showing location of Tanghe Scenic Area

Above: Location of Tanghe Scenic Area in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China