Taining Jin Lake

Big Lake is located in the northwest of Fujian Province, Danxia landscape, as well as granite landscape and cultural landscape dotted. Danxia landform spatial distribution: the natural rock of the north from Long Town, to the southwest by the brook, Taining Chengguan reading mountain, remember sub-roof, after South Go to the the Maoer Dragon King Rock, the Eight Immortals Cliff (laniary top) to the Long An Township, followed by distribution of the four red basin of the stream, Lake, Dragon King Rock, the Eight Immortals rock.

Constitute approximate-shaped distribution pattern on the plane, and NE 34 km long north to south and 29 km, total area of ​​215.2km2, terrain overall from northeast to southwest and gradually rise to the top of the note of the child, the Dragon King Rock, the teeth of the top line Danxia landform highest zone in Big Lake, Cliff (Daya Top) to the Eight Immortals peak altitude of 907.6m, the zone is also the peak column landform development in the best and most typical areas of attractions in the most concentrated zone. And central parts of the cultural landscape in DANXIA the southwest side of the granite landscapes.


By car

Jinhu distance Taining county 8 km, in Taining Nan Bridge bus terminus to the green car, where the Big Lake, Umeda direction of the shuttle on this car, drive 20 minutes, 3.5 yuan fare.


The Taining folk theater, folk songs, folk music percussion and dance, folk culture is a valuable cultural heritage. Among them, the the Taining light (Bridge lights, fish Tsai lights), Nuo dance and other cultural activities famous. The Taining one of the "Sambo" Merlin drama to be named by the Ministry of Culture as "the first group", more than 300 years of history is one of the rare local operas in China. With the development of cultural undertakings, Merlin drama, folk art is more mature, the inheritance of the several hundred years of folk culture and art to a new stage.

Map showing location of Taining Jin Lake

Above: Location of Taining Jin Lake in Sanming, Fujian , China