Song Dynasty Village

Hangzhou Song Dynasty scenic area is the most popular theme park in China, the first national cultural industry demonstration base, the 2010 annual tourists 3.8 million. "Building shape, the culture is the soul" is the business philosophy of the Sung Dynasty Village. Strange Street, Foshan, Ichii Street, Songcheng River, the Millennium Guzhang, Kowloon Plaza tower Square, Cultural Square, Ghost Story Cry, the Southern Song Dynasty style street and other attractions is a step King. The city, brackets, cornices busy to restore the urban style of Song Dynasty.

Sung Dynasty Village gathering place of China's intangible cultural heritage marketplace Street to fight Tiepu, the row upon row of the 72 lines of the old workshops of the Cotton Shop, Wine Shop, dye, clay Square, snacks, Shaoxing opera, puppetry, shadow play, Toi even the gong storytelling, acrobatics, Yanqing Dalei arrest Wu performances one after another, in particular, is wonderful to marry performance Wang Yuanwai home Miss throwing Hydrangea is famous temple of Chinese New Year, the Torch Festival, Songkran, Osmanthus Festival four festivals scene. The large-scale song and dance "Songcheng forever love" is the Songcheng a must. Exposure Songcheng warp. Give me one day, you Millennium!

Map showing location of Song Dynasty Village

Above: Location of Song Dynasty Village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China