Sheshan National Forest Park


FLP1030857 by Endworld Shi. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Sheshan National Forest Park is an area of both natural beauty and historic culture. The park consists of a large lake surrounded by forests and various walking routes. To the west of the park is the hill, Sheshan. On the top of the hill is something you wouldn't have expected to find in China—A western style cathedral. This is She Shan Basilica (officially: Basilica of Our Lady of She Shan.) It was constructed between 1925 and 1935. The church is popular with piligrims, especially around May when large numbers gather here from all over Asia.

SheshanInside the Sheshan Church

Old churchPath through the bamboo forest

Tea fieldsView from the cathedral patio

Map showing location of Sheshan National Forest Park

Above: Location of Sheshan National Forest Park in Shanghai, Shanghai, China