Sanping Temple Scenic Area

Sanping Temple - Taiwanese Buddhist temple, located the the Pinghe wenfengzhen, 47 km from Zhangzhou urban. Three Ping Temple was built in 866 AD in the Tang Dynasty, since incense prestigious in southern Fujian and Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, an endless stream of pilgrims. Former pilgrims to the monastery pilgrimage to be climbers from Tower Lake, during Iwatani deep knot cookies risk ". Zhangzhou History "record:" Gordon Zhebi calendar three risk levels, and even rock roof ", named for the nine-rock" the Gou non-heart Cheng Chi-kin can not to Yan. The monastery built on a raised his snake-heads in Big Kashiwayama two peaks confrontation, called "water snake", the river downstream at the "Sheung Shui Tortoise", Guiyi relative. Surrounded by mountains, the stream back to reflect, the Maolin repair wood.

Map showing location of Sanping Temple Scenic Area

Above: Location of Sanping Temple Scenic Area in Zhangzhou, Fujian , China