Qingyun Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Along the way came to Hot Springs Resort enjoy the onions Yu Shanjing clear water and secluded waterfall between the several peaks, mountains and rivers, being soaked in a pool of warm water, the whole body tired and everything's impetuous gas cleanse away the aura of nature.

Qingyun Mountain Scenic Spot is a national key scenic spots, located in Yongtai County, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, Ridge Road, rural territory, 76 kilometers south of Fuzhou, 58 km north of Putian. Scenic radius of over 50 square kilometers and takes more than nine kilometers mountain, there are nine streams through the canyon. The natural landscape of mountains, rocks, cliffs, valleys, water, waterfalls, springs, cave, lake and moving, plant-based.

The west side of the holidays, Fuzhou Wuyi Square Quanta the parking lot of the northern section of the tour buses to the Wing Tai, Fuzhou West Railway Station, North Station every day, start every half hour; Wing Tai bus station there are four scenic bus bound for Qingyunshan .


According to legend: Masanori Emperor Ming Dynasty, Zhu thick according to all sorts of boring film sets down the south. Yongtai Qingyunshan way, in the quiet Hill Road through the Imperial curtain in front of beauty intoxicated. Can not help but exclaimed: "this scene is only the sky, the earth is rare a few back to see the day live in Qingyun, to live is four days and nights to forget. When he toured the scenic spots at the end, it is difficult to think that this scene, they turned around and would like to revisit again, however, regret in all the ministers: "The hills turn people back." Persuasion and go, leaving the turned to the Mountain "eternal stories.

The Zhengde turned the place names are still called "turned around and mountains," and that today Qingyunshan Royal Spa location of the hotel. Local people in order to the Zhengde once lived named: the first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor and has been in use ever since. According to historical records: seven Yongtai Ridge Road, Township, Shan Chen village Xiao Guoliang, the Southern Song Dynasty roads, 2002 (1166), took first place high school champion, the local people to commemorate his youth he had in the mountain, studying hard, then this mountain named "Qingyunshan. Sustenance the Albatron above wish Yongtai County from 1166 to 1172 in three subjects with champion.

Xiao Guoliang Zheng-kiu, so the Royal Spa in Sanyuan Palace resulting. Every near the entrance, four students have come to the Sanyuan Palace, Bath, trying to take advantage of the aura of three champion of the honor roll, best for the future. The legend of the White Horse Canyon: According to legend, when Emperor Ming Wu Zong Zhu thick according to swim Qingyunshan beautiful fruit anywhere to be found in the mountains to get Maoruo angel Qiaoyun girl, two people drawing near eachother and even forget the return date. Only then things before you say so, and vowed to live up beauty. Since then Qiaoyun day and night waiting for the village, also bore him a son named "Yun", I hope in the future ascendant, The Apprentice.

Until Albatron 16-year-old only learned of the Emperor has kicked the bucket. The news spread like wildfire from this Qingyunshan a "prince", alerted the court. The new emperor feared that the throne was not guaranteed, sent to kill. Seeing Prince in pairs Xikou hidden deep in the mountains, the pursuers rushed unexpectedly horse White Horse cross on a narrow mountain road, the first arch kicking would not go. Until the prince far away, White Horse up, and other pursuers to catch up, saw the prince sideways into the waterfall did not, then the waterfall named "White Horse Falls. Failing to catch the prince, the General was very angry, the way non-stop beat White Horse to the top of the hill white horse to bear the humiliation of the general pounding the ground.

General sword want to shoot, I saw the white horse jumped off a cliff. The martyrdom of the White Horse Falls is now the White Horse Falls into a boulder white horse, still lying quietly in ri. Future generations in order to commemorate the Prince and the White Horse, built in pairs Xikou White Horse Temple for incense, and fame. Become one of the Canyon area of ​​Qingyunshan four waterfalls, endless stream of visitors.

Map showing location of Qingyun Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Qingyun Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions in Fuzhou, Fujian , China