Yandang Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

The Yandang located in the territory of Yueqing, Zhejiang. For the first batch of national key scenic spots, one of the top ten famous mountains in China. Peak lake, reeds, Qiuyan places of "therefore the mountain to the bird. The Yandang wins, rooted in the East China Sea, landscape-shaped peaks, waterfalls, cave, cliff known, known as "sea mountain", "Huan must win" reputation, known as the "Southeast's first mountain". Chisel wins the mountains, began in earnest in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, prospered in the Tang and Song, rich cultural heritage.

Yandang formed 120 million years ago, is a typical Cretaceous rhyolitic ancient volcano, the whole mountain area of ​​450 square kilometers, more than 550 attractions Pi eight scenic spots, which the Lingfeng Yeongam Dalongqiu essence atmosphere, known as the "Wild Goose Ruin. The Yandang has a unique character, "Day King engaging, Night of ecstasy". "View of Mountain View, taste seafood, changing a scene, the venue for shape. This is it different from other famous mountains and great rivers of China's three major characteristics.

Sights at Yandang Mountain

    Dalongqiu (大龙湫)
  • Significant wins doors (显胜门)
  • Pk (灵峰)
  • Yeongam (灵岩)
  • Triple waterfall (三折瀑)
  • Yandang Guanyindong (雁荡山观音洞)
  • Yan Hu (雁湖)
  • Xianqiao (仙桥)
  • Phoenix Mountains (凤凰山)
  • Square hole (方洞)
  • Jade caldron peak (玉甑峰)
  • Three lakes (三湖)
  • Claw holes (羊角洞)
  • Chaoyang Dong (朝阳洞)
  • Cloud off (云关)
  • West Festival (西祭)
Map showing location of Yandang Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Yandang Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China