Number one city in Hebei

The best in all the land of city is located in Hebei province Xianghe County Development Zone, in October 18, 1992 the foundation construction, covers an area of 1333000 square meters, construction area of 380000square meters, consisting of a center, five scenic spots, eighty-eight groups of landscape composition. It is a blend of history and reality in one, combining classical and modern, melt in one court and the folk in one, financial benefit and pleasure in one, financial science quality and feeling in one of the large modern tourism garden Chinese come first on the list. In April 28, 1998 she officially opened the door, greet eight side guests.

The best in all the land outside the city with its unique three subject scenic spots to attract many tourists at home and abroad. The Old Summer Palace scenic layout cleverly well-proportioned distribution of the former garden of garden -- the Old Summer Palace of the eight famous landscape," Pinghu moon"," Kyushu Qing feast"," be open and aboveboard"," Wanfang Ann and"," under the sky"," the Great Fountain"," yuan Ying Guan"," labyrinth" the poetic name, fully reflects the landscape architecture conception. Old Summer Palace is China's ancient royal garden building art of the highest level, the best in all the land of city to choose their most famous eight landscape according to the original major reconstruction, visitors can board the Luan hall, Royal imperial, wedding ceremony, the feelings of the Chinese ancient royal culture of endless charm.

Map showing location of Number one city in Hebei

Above: Location of Number one city in Hebei in Langfang, Hebei , China