Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort

Meizhou Island in the northern part of Taiwan's west side of Central, the Ministry of Transportation to determine the four international transshipment port, one of Meizhou Bay in Hong Kong. About 9.6 km from north to south and 1.3 km wide from east to west, north-south vertical strip of the entire island, shaped like a crescent, it is known as Meizhou. Island-wide land area of ​​14.35 square kilometers, a population of 38,000, the coastline stretches for 30.4 km. Meizhou Island is located in Putian, Fujian Province, southeast of the city center 42 kilometers 1.82 nautical miles from the mainland, is the second largest island in Putian City, the land area of ​​14.35 square kilometers, including the size of the island, islands, reefs and more than 30. From the Taichung Harbor, Taiwan Province, 72 nautical miles. Meizhou Island is known as the "southern Penglai reputation, both exciting Mae Lantau Chao Yin," Oriental Hawaii "nine treasure Lan golden beach, small stone forest" goose tail rocks and other scenic 30 places, more 200 million Matsu believers dreaming of Matsu Temple Every year on March 23, Mazu Mazu to heaven between birthday and September 9th, pilgrimage tourism unprecedented, known as the "Oriental Mecca".

Putian bus station (car) - text A Pier (boat) - Meizhou Island.

2, the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed - Putian (direction) to the Meizhou Island - the Shimen Australia (export) (month the Po west side of the export) - A text Pier (boat) - Meizhou Island.

Putian railway station (by car) - text A Pier (boat) - Meizhou Island.

Meizhou Island is a typical subtropical oceanic monsoon climate, average annual temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, the average annual rainfall of 1000mm or so, mild climate, beautiful scenery, is an ideal holiday resort. Meizhou Island is the birthplace of Mazu culture in China. Was opened in 1988 opening up tourism economic zone in Fujian Province, approved by the State Council, 1992 National Holiday Resort.

Map showing location of Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort

Above: Location of Meizhou Island National Tourism Resort in Putian, Fujian , China