Linzi, Zibo Qi gucheng Site Museum

Ancient China was a much more fragmented land than what we see today. During the Zhou dynasty, about 1046 BC, the state of Qi was founded in what is today Shandong province of China. The Qi state was largely independent of the Zhou Emperor. With the end of the Zhou, China entered into the Warring States period. The land was divided between several competing states, each with their own king or emperor. In the 3rd century BC, the state of Qin, from Xi'an, rose to prominance. The Qin overran the other states forming the country we now know as China. The last of the states for fall to the Qin was the state of Qi.

The remains of the capital of the Qi dynasty are visible in Linzi county, near to Zibo city of Shandong, China. These include the last remains of the Qi Great Wall. This was the earliest of the Great Walls that would eventually form the Great Wall of China.

Map showing location of Linzi, Zibo Qi gucheng Site Museum

Above: Location of Linzi, Zibo Qi gucheng Site Museum in Zibo, Shandong, China