Linan Damingshan Scenic Area


Damingshan by Laurence & Annie. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

In the most magnificent mountain, has beautiful mountains and rivers of reputation, with32 peaks, secluded stream13,8waterfalls,3 alpine meadow, a total of 94size of spots, with an area of 100square kilometers, is" a Avon Valley, ten miles, Baizhang waterfall, acres of meadow,10 thousand meters of rock tunnel, Qunfeng Xiaotian, Lin boundless" and the only solution of South of the Yangtze river. Tang Song Yuan Ming, North Korea towards the falls, broad and profound culture in Ming Dynasty, began, is better than the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang swallow, Daming Mountain thousand Chinese acres fields against Yuan Xingming facts for cultural support, had a long history, beautiful scenery. So it is praised as" the Ming Dynasty of well hillock", the name of the Daming Mountain is also the resulting.

An odd: over 1100 m above sea level Damingshan top of the mountain, cliff cutting, the Jingxian endless acres of meadow, commonly known as "acres of fields, not to mention the above repeat itself magnificent scenery alone ravine cliff strong visual contrast Yimapingchuan Jiangnan landscape beyond the Great Wall-style violent aesthetic contrast, enough to call China a must, not to mention it had to lay the Ming dynasty landscape Bailey letter Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty against the wind from the Holy Land.

  Two odd: such as cutting such as cutting the peaks of the picturesque landscape everywhere, especially the wide sleeves, Xiang worry. Yu Zheng, shame month, Fu cold sword Mei, Luo Yan Ming Fei seven peaks as the name suggests, look different, graceful, graceful, rain and fog hugged then the ink into a painting, the sun in the sky is forearmed society dyke not Huangshan suspect Huangshan.

  Three odd: high mountains and long, fast deep forest mountain, a large gap, enough water to form Damingshan many scenic spots; the same time, plenty of rain to nourish the scenic lush vegetation, into a piece of maple. Ginkgo biloba, the summer bloom. Southern hemlock, the kingdom of heaven cuckoo to Damingshan, covered with a beautiful dress, so full of male loud and full of charming and soft feel of the women.

  Daming Mountain sea of ​​clouds is sufficient to be amazed by it, but where the waterfalls base is stunning. Waterfall is mainly distributed in the Yulong River and the White Snake Stream confluence of the Ming dynasty Village. The Yulong stream abundant amount of fast-flowing, overgrown canyon in the cliff danger to Pentium North flow, not only picturesque, lush greenery, and everywhere could be heard loud such as the gully mine water Roaring. Jade Dragon River below the self-acres of fields north dragon gates, vertical riverbed suddenly increased, one kilometer process drop as high as over four hundred meters, stream split climbed Stone Mountain, waterfalls, the formation of five waterfalls, the most spectacular Dragon Gate waterfall.

Shanghai Everbright City Bus Terminal (Li Road, No. 288) by high-speed bus to go to Lin'an, travel about 4 hours, the fare is 63 yuan. Tip: please in Lin'an long-distance Qichexizhan, this station every 10 minutes there is a group went to Changhua Iveco, changhua the bound along the river direction of the shuttle arrives ginkgo village to get off.

Shanghai Public Wo Hing Road coach station (the old North Station) every day 8:30,14:10,15:20, Shanghai Qichenanzhan 9:15,15:05, luxury bus to Lin'an.

Changhua County, contains: Daming Mountain, County West Ninety Mile its summit widely thousand acres, such as the ground. "According to legend, Emperor Xuānzong micro live here, poetry Ming-chi:" the mountains through the stone to endure labor, to distant mountain at high streams how can we retain, after all, the ocean waves ". Towering precipitous mountainous Qifeng rock, Tucson, enough said spots. White Snake Rock, kite peak, hidden will, Yulong waterfall. The afar seven peaks, such as Ngok assassination that seven Feng Jian; Peak stream meandering slender, fish such as bamboo, known as bamboo leaves fish; Mid-levels waterfall, diarrhea, and the next, the momentum ups. Many of the monuments with the beautiful folklore. Zhu Yuanzhang uprising was defeated this point, once lying on the ancient one giant ancient, flat couch, according to legend, hence the name "Son of Heaven ancient"; emperor settlement had on the stage thanks to, so the top of the hill a bit to Taiwan; Zhu Yuanzhang the Tuen military acres fields, recruiting, raw poly training to escape, and then kill down the mountain, lay the Ming dynasty country, therefore the mountain known as the Daming Mountain.

Damingshan 70 kilometers away from Huangshan, topographic height difference of one Qian Yumi, and thus high mountain and deep valleys, several peaks Diego, the group stands, the momentum is very spectacular. Climatic conditions and geological conditions similar to the Huangshan mountains Dai Yi then if, like the ink landscape painting in the pines, rocks, clouds, peaks, endless call Zhejiang Xiaohuangshan ", however Damingshan different from Huangshan , several above the heights of 1400 m and 1100 m above three alpine basin south side by the deterioration of sandstone and shale, and metavolcanic rocks, the Yamagata gentle, lush forests, rich aquatic plants, water clear, year in and year. Gently flowing streams in the alpine basin, Once in the granite area, waterfalls, the formation of the mix of waterfalls. Fog mountain clouds, the scenery Damingshan often visible, especially spring and autumn, sometimes billowing clouds billow leap, will be engulfed by the Castle Peak; sometimes right into every Qingfeng looming illusory Yunshan. Summer morning, especially the early Qing, Ji rain the Castle Peak Dicui, rising red shines like Baixu the sea of ​​clouds, clumps exposed peaks floating above the rolling sea of ​​clouds, as scattered in the sea Ying The Island Xiandao.

Daming Mountain peak of Ming dynasty top elevation of 1489.9 meters, with 32 peaks, 96 of 13 secluded stream, eight waterfalls, three acres alpine meadow, ten thousand meters of the Trans-six mountain caves, the total size of the attractions.

The best travel time is 6-9 months. Damingshan mainly play: mountaineering, sightseeing, painting, leisure.

Map showing location of Linan Damingshan Scenic Area

Above: Location of Linan Damingshan Scenic Area in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China