Lietai Park

Lei Taiwan park is located in the city of Wuwei North road. The park: food culture, historical and cultural areas, folk-custom cultural zone, entertainment rest area, bird fish widespread area, reception area six regional services, the main indicator for copper benma. The sightseeing point: the Silk Road of thinking into the Liangzhou Academy of painting and calligraphy, sculptures, statues, Pegasus to instrument nine days Lingquan waterfall rockery, watching Pavilion, Park Ballroom, the Xiliang Tingtao Pavilion, drunk to lamp hall, five, eight immortals shrine Pavilion, pavilion and so on more than 30immortal spring. Water has a stone arch bridge8, wherein the thunder lake is one of our major tourist attractions, the lake there are mine, loess rampart, with ray temple, the Qing Dynasty architecture. Around the fountain, converging into lake. Willow lake week, table Cooper Huai giant, came on the day to avoid. Lei Taiwan park is the best place for your leisure entertainment. Peerless treasure" Galloping Horse Treading on a flying swallow" also known as the copper horse, is a national heritage,34.5 cm high,45 cm long, weighs 7.15kg.

Map showing location of Lietai Park

Above: Location of Lietai Park in Wuwei, Gansu, China