Liaoyang City Museum

This museum opened in 1985 and in 2002 was graded as a AA class site by the Provincial Tourism Bureau. It has recently been extended and enhanced with a new building build next to the old. The museum covers 31,450 square meters over five galleries and contains 4,000 items form the neolithic through to Ming and Qing dynasties. Though today, Liaoyang is a small city by Chinese standards, it was once the most important city in the area. Only with the industrial revolution did other neighbouring cities such as Anshan, start to overshadow Liaoyang. In fact, Liaoyang was once the capital city of Manchuria. The city museum tells the story of Liaoyang from the earliest times to the near present. 

Map showing location of Liaoyang City Museum

Above: Location of Liaoyang City Museum in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China