Lei Feng Memorial Hall and Park

Lei Feng Memorial in Fushun

Lei Feng Memorial in Fushun by Derek Harkness. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

Leifeng Memorial Hall (雷锋纪念馆; Léifēng Jìniànguǎn) is located in Fushun city of Liaoning province in China. Originally built as a museum in 1964, the building was converted to the Lei Feng Memorial Hall in 1992. The park mimics in miniature, the royal tombs. It is beautifully set out. Inside the hall are modern, well presented displays in both English and Chinese. Lei Feng was born in Fushun and became famous throughout the country. His life is seen as an example of how every Chinese person should conduct themselves. The memorial hall contains an exhibit which tells the story of Lei Feng's life and works. Here you can see some of his personal belongings, photographs, and his own writings. This site is an AAAA rated tourist attraction on China's national scale. Entry to the museum is free.

Map showing location of Lei Feng Memorial Hall and Park

Above: Location of Lei Feng Memorial Hall and Park in Fushun, Liaoning, China