La Boleng Monastery

China's Tibetan Buddhist Gelugpa (Yellow Sect) six sovereign monasteries, one of the the Labrang hospital, the full name of the Ga Once summer to know 卜达尔吉扎 Xi Yisu flag Tony Lang ", located in Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Gansu Province .

Tibetan called "Ye Su, the Karma Danxue beads 达尔杰扎西 flag Wei Lin", meaning "foot hi speak Revised carry forward the good fortune dextral Chau, referred to as" pull chapter the Tashi flag ". According to Wen, the first Sega wood samples selected summer riverside Tashi flag for the temple site, pull chapter (Buddhist Temple) after the completion of respect, out of the master, before the temple name as a "pull chapter, referred to as" pull chapter Tashi flag ", a long time" pull chapter "to the sound as" Labrang ", and the widespread use of Labrang, then became the Temple names and place names. Labrang Monastery in Xiahe County in Labrang Town, located in the big summer the north bank of the ride north to south, northwest mountain like elephants lying southeast of the mountain pine green, Temple and the flat, open, the Daxia from west to northeast meander , shaped like a right-handed conch, can be described as a beautiful, beautiful scenery.


Tibetan calendar thirteenth around distant Earth Ox Kangxi forty-eight (1709), the first Sega wood samples by the first flag Qinghai and Heshuote, Bei Lecha Khan Dan Jin, please return to hometown to build Labrang, According to the exercises had been 280-year history. Wen Si College and continued his subordinates hospital in the first Sega wood samples. College, to the second Sega wood kind built round the growing forces of Labrang, a sharp increase belongs to the monastery and tribal, to further strengthen the theocratic system. Monastery of expanding the school by the system are maturing, established main two Professor Xianmi,, medicine, calendar, word chapter, phonology, calligraphy statement, engraving, printing, painting, dance, etc., supplemented by learning systems. Medical College completed third Sega wood samples. Fifth Sega wood samples Shi Jian Hevajra College, continued the Ministry of the Upper House, and the expansion of a variety of permitted. 200 years of construction and development, the Monastery has become a six colleges, 48 ​​permitted and Aung less (Living Buddha residence), more than 500 monasteries huge building groups, ranked one of the Gelug Sect of six monasteries, "Guardian of the second" that enjoy a high reputation in the Amdo region.

Map showing location of La Boleng Monastery

Above: Location of La Boleng Monastery in Gannan, Gansu , China