Jingjiang King Mausoleum Museum

The Jingjiang in eleven Mausoleum of currently open to visitors Jingjiang Chong Jane Tomb, repaired in 1985. It has become an important window to show the Jingjiang Wang Ling ruins. Chuang Chien Tomb is the third generation of Jingjiang Wang Zhu Zuo Jing, its entropy Fei Shen's joint burial. It was built in the the Yongle period Ying and covers an area of ground measuring 87 acres. The site is more than 580 years old.

After renovation, the Jingjiang Zhuang Jane Tomb, red walls and green tiles, carved beams, Danyanxieshan, red lacquer painting, bridge railings, babbling brooks. Plane layout using traditional extension axis of the in-depth development, symmetrical form. The renovations maintained the spirit and charm of Chinese ancient buildings. The entire cemetery is very cleverly hidden in among the pines and cypresses.

Map showing location of Jingjiang King Mausoleum Museum

Above: Location of Jingjiang King Mausoleum Museum in Guilin, Guangxi, China