Jiangshan Jianglang Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Jianglangshan is located in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Jiangshan City, Jiang rural territory. Scenic Jianglangshan by three stone, eighteen, Tashan, Fortunearia peak should be female Lake (Qinglonghu), and Xianju Temple and other part, an area of ​​11.86 square kilometers King source type to the natural landscape, but also has extensive the cultural landscape. Jianglangshan scenic national key scenic spots and national AAAA level scenic spots. Included in the World Natural Heritage List in August 2010 as one of the "China Danxia series nominated.

Jiangshan, Zhejiang Jiangshan City, 25 kilometers south of Jiang Township, is a national famous tourist scenic spot. The Yamagata main three towering boulders, the legend is surnamed Jiang of ancient times, three brothers to reach the summit into the three boulders formed so called Jianglangshan. Three boulders pull to sky the sky, by more than 360 meters. The shape of the stalagmite Tianzhu, shaped like a knifed ax from north to south was "Sichuan"-shaped arrangement, as follows: Lang Feng, Yafeng, pk, people called the "three stone", and foreign tourists are called "Divine Dan Xia first peak ". Lang peak cliffs on Ming Scholars ZHAN Cliff Inscription rise steeply climbed "the word.

Of Jianglangshan not only gather rocks, holes, cloud, waterfall in the mountain, set odd, dangerous, steep, steep on three stone, majestic and strange, spectacular mountains indistinct, Emerald forests, caves hidden Longtan, babbling Tiger beautiful scenery. Whenever the diffuse clouds, Yan Lan confusion Rays land from the often condensate days, the mountain in the same color, financial Yunfeng in one. People no wonder that Tang Bai Ju-yi Chan said: "Andhra body raw wings, and the king and from the drunken haze. Geographer Xu three tour the country wrote Jianglangshan. To Jianglangshan Yandang Huangshan and Dinghu peak compared to strongly praise of Jianglangshan "odd", "risks" and "God". Jianglangshan landscape has captured the hearts of many Chinese and foreign tourists.

Jianglangshan known as "magnificent crown, beautiful southeast" reputation, with the China Danxia first peaks, most of the country thin strip of sky, the great peaks of natural good fortune, thrilling steep Lang peak day tour and the Millennium temple enlightened Zen Temple, Millennium universities Jiang Lang College, the country's largest Mao Zedong handwritten body of land so rich in "Cliff Inscription attractions landscape reflect the natural landscape and cultural monuments.

In addition, Xiake Tours hole three hundred rocks, stone door, to Xianju Temple sword waterfall, floating covered mountains, King Star Mountain, Gap Lake, Jiang Yao Chi to be written peak, the conch peak, Lang peak mystical, rock crevices wonders natural painting, the Danxia Red Cliff, a street food, Lang peak flyovers, goddess Riverside, Moon Lake, Cave longevity, the enlightened Buddhist Temple King is also the best in its singularity.

Map showing location of Jiangshan Jianglang Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

Above: Location of Jiangshan Jianglang Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions in Quzhou, Zhejiang, China