Jiangnan Great Wall

Jiangnan City Wall

Jiangnan City Wall by Zhang Yuedong. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.

East Lake, located east of Linhai city. Cut in the Northern Song Dynasty, the lake level wave ten ares, pavilions and picturesque, in to hanging Zhouzhu, dike every bridge with the spring breeze Chiu, streamer overflow Meng, fragrant, lakes and mountains, each other. The name of the coastal East Lake to the east of the ancient city walls close to Taizhou derived from the original north of Baiyun, Hill Palace, the number Creek confluence. The history of this lake is some backing, and is said to be in the New Theory of four years (1071), the cut made by the Mayor Qian Xuan. North to south and 500 meters, 150 meters from east to west.

More is worth mentioning that, with Jiangnan Badaling, "said waterfront ancient city, made a great contribution to the Poet and the struggle. Qi Jiguang in Linhai eight, in conjunction with the the Taizhou prefect Tan Lun transformation of the structure of the coastal ancient city wall to heightening thickening, and creative construction of thirteen two-story hollow enemy tower, greatly enhance the defense capability. The Qijia Jun ancient city to the waterfront, where coordinate the Fujian and Zhejiang coastal defensive defense, keep on pirates nine battle nine Jie, has wiped out national humiliation, the proud, boosted national prestige. Later, due to the needs of the northern Great Wall defense, toward the Tingte Qi, Tan Lun was transferred to Beijing entrusted with the task. Chi Chi in any thistle town taking part in the coastal construction experience of the city defense, applied to the north of the Great Wall augmentations strengthen. This deposit thistle town, dachangzhen, Vision House, Datong, Shanxi town of Great Wall, his planning and design to be improved by building to strengthen over. In order to meet the needs of his rebuilt north of the Great Wall, especially deployed who took part in the alteration of coastal walls 3000 Jiangdong own army, acting as foreman, supervision and technical guidance.  

The old leader of the Beijing Badaling, Mutianyu, Simatai, Gubeikou, Tianjin huangyaguan, Hebei Shanhaiguan near the majesty of the Great Wall of Cape Mount, etc., are the improvement by the Chi Chi left to. It can be said that the coastal ancient city wall called the Great Wall, Beijing Badaling, etc. "Normal" and "the blueprint".

Map showing location of Jiangnan Great Wall

Above: Location of Jiangnan Great Wall in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China