International Horticultural Exposition, Yunnan

World Horticultural Exposition Garden is the exhibition of the Kunming International Horticultural Exposition base, located in Kunming, a suburb northeast of, 6 km from the city, bringing together all over the world horticultural achievements. Including China Pavilion, the International Museum of Man and Nature, Science and Technology Museum, the five venues of the largest greenhouse in China Pavilion 34 Exhibition Park, the foreign exhibition 30 Exhibition Park, and another theme gardens, enterprise zones, and many other landscape.

Exposition covers an area of ​​approximately 218 hectares, the vegetation coverage rate of 76.7 percent, including 120 hectares of dense bush gentle slope, the water accounted for 10% -15%. The park include five exhibition halls: China Hall, International Hall, between man and nature museum, science museums, a large greenhouse; six thematic exhibitions Park: Chuk Yuen, vegetable and fruit garden, herb garden, bonsai garden, arboretum, tea plantations; The large outdoor exhibition area: Domestic outdoor exhibition area, the international outdoor exhibition area, the outdoor exhibition area, composed of a vast, imposing international park. Architecture and sculpture in the park blend, plus national museum, park outside a variety of precious plants, flowers dress up the Expo set off the colorful, dazzling, more complete, and fully reflects the harmonious development of man and nature this topic.

Map showing location of International Horticultural Exposition, Yunnan

Above: Location of International Horticultural Exposition, Yunnan in Kunming, Yunnan, China