Hot and Cold Park

Gusaocheng Fort, Liaoyang, China

Gusaocheng Fort, Liaoyang, China by Rincewind42. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

A strange quirk of nature, this site mantains a temperature blow freezing all through the summer and conversly, holds a temperature just above freezing throughout the winter with no snow and green grass. The explanation of this phenonymon is as yet unknown. The site is rated by the government as an AA grade scenic spot.

The park is sited in Gusaochengcun village in Gongchangling district, about 28km by road from Liaoyang city centre, just off route S106. The park consists of two sections divided by a ridge of craggy rock. The west side is mainly just decoration. A man sits here collecting the 10 RMB entrance money. You then follow the path at the back of this park, over the crags to the east side of the park. Here you will find the main attraction, a building built up against the rock face. On entering the building, there are many low tunnels cut into the side of the rock which provide cooled air from deep within the ground.

A second attraction within the park is a small historic building know as Gusaocheng (Sister-in-law Castle). This is an ancient lookout tower dating to the Ming dynasty. It was part of the defences related to the Great Wall of China, though not actually joined to the wall itself. This little known about and rarely visited piece of history is worthy of a visit in its own right.

The park is a shadow of its former self. Nature has begun to resume control and the buildings are quite dilapidated. The paths are covered with plants and paving broken. The Hot and Cold park should probably be left off of most tourist's schedules. The only reason I can think of for visiting would be for the avid historian. The Gusaocheng castle is of great interest to anyone studying Chinese history. The rest of the park can be ignored.

Map showing location of Hot and Cold Park

Above: Location of Hot and Cold Park in Liaoyang, Liaoning, China