Hong Kong Disneyland Park

27623 - Hong Kong - Disneyland

27623 - Hong Kong - Disneyland by Fernando Nunes. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

A little bit of the magic of Disneyland in China. Hong Kong Disneyland is the oldest theme park in Hong Kong. It's also the smallest of all the Disneyland parks in the world. To be honest I was disappointed by this park. I had expected much more from a name like Disney but this park is really quite ordinary and some of the rides are in need of technology updates. If you have a choice of Disneyland parks that you may visit, choose a different one from here. If you are in Hong Kong, try the Ocean World Park instead of this one.

Map showing location of Hong Kong Disneyland Park

Above: Location of Hong Kong Disneyland Park in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China