Hometown of Lu Xun in Shaoxing

Lu Xun (1881--1936), whose home town is Shaoxing , Zhejiang , is a great modern litterateur, ideologist and revolutionist. His family name is Zhou; his given name is Shuren; and his sobriquet is Yucai. “Lu Xun” is a pen name used after the May 4th new culture movement. Because writings under this pen name have a great influence, people are used to calling him Lu Xun. This scenic area has been designated a National AAAA Tourist Attraction. It is located at No. 235 on Lu Xun Middle Road , in the centre of Shaoxing City at the crossing of Jiefang Road , Zhongxin Road and Lu Xun Road . The transportation is convenient. The non-stop buses, taxi, manpower tricycles are available. It is 65 kilometres far from Hangzhou and 200 kilometres far from Shanghai . Established in 1953, Lu Xun Museum was the first museum dedicated to the memory of a famous person in Zhejiang Province . With the task of publicizing Lu Xun's deeds and words, collecting and preserving relics and data related to the writer and unveiling the ideology and aesthetics in his works, it has witnessed the vicissitude of a half century, and come to be a must-see humane landscape and a major window on Shaoxing, a famous historic and cultural city. It has a good reputation both at home and abroad. In 1988, Lu Xun's Former Residence , including the Sanwei Study and his Ancestral Residence, was listed as a key cultural relic under the state's protection. In 1994, the museum was appraised as a national excellent social education base. In 1997, it was designated as a national patriotism cultivation centre, a demonstration base for patriotic inculcation. In 2002, the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and Shaoxing People's Government carried out “The Layout of Preserving Historic Streets in the Scenic Area of Lu Xun's Former Residence ” with the spirit of high-responsibility for history. The layout was based on the original Lu Xun Museum. After being protected, rebuilt and decorated, the Scenic Area of Lu Xun's Former Residence has taken shape. Covering an area of 50 hectares, it not only preserves Lu Xun's Former Residence, the Baicao Garden, the Sanwei Study and his Ancestral Residence, where Lu Xun spent his young period, but also restored the New Residence of the Zhou Family, the Residence of the Shou Family, Tugu Temple, and the Folk Custom Expression Park on the Basis of Lu Xun's Writing. The area also includes a modern Exhibition Hall, Lu Xun Museum, which reflects characteristic of Shaoxing and the time feature. As well, the area has the most well-preserved and cultural historic streets in Shaoxing City . They represent the classic scenes of a water city with a long history. It is a place to digest Lu Xun's work, to understand the people and things mentioned in his writing, and to experience the living conditions of the time of his youth. It attracts millions of tourists from both China and abroad. In 2005, the Scenic Area of Lu Xun's Former Residence was elected as one of the one hundred classical scenery zones for red tourism of the nation.

Map showing location of Hometown of Lu Xun in Shaoxing

Above: Location of Hometown of Lu Xun in Shaoxing in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China