Haining Yanguan Tide Scenic Area

Haining tide, also known as the "lure guests," Qianjiang "," Zhejiang Tide "of the lunar calendar August 18th in Haining Yanguan those seen as the most famous. The tidal bore hit, stand like a wall at the forefront, tide up to more than 9 meters, Koko formation is mainly due to celestial gravity and the centrifugal force generated in the Earth's rotation. The first day of the Lunar Calendar, fifteen celestial gravity particularly strong, easy to form the tide. Qiantang River mouth flared, the former wide narrow (estuary 100 kilometers at its widest point, and to Haining Yanguan only about 3 km), with large flat shallow beach Eguchi. Owned tide to here river slot sudden contraction rapidly raise the river bottom, the flow rate increased, the energy is highly concentrated. Same time by the Eguchi bar door Shakan blocking waves push resistance, back to the previous head tide collided, then into the "stack of cloud succeeded by to Chihiro practice do not charge" of the situation.

The best lots of the Haining tide Haining Yanguan Zhenhai Town, Hai Ta tide Pavilion area. Where you can see the pagoda tide line of the magnificent splendor. Before, the Qiantang River tidal bore future calm and vast. Vast but see Jiang Liu, Autumn sky color. When Koko the early eastern sky at faint bursts of abrupt rain sound Jimu looked far away to show a long line of silver. That silver lines become coarser the more nearly into a recumbent river Bailian that the Showers sound ring gradually asymptotic, have become a pouring rainstorm sound, getting louder and louder, like muffled thunder wildly rolls. Later, near the forefront of the stormy river soaring, boundless expanse of the waves on the instant, front-line Bailian into a several meters high towering wall of water, Chaosheng like full steam ahead, thunder ears. In that instant, the tide peaks from the front of roaring flash, go to the west. Yanguan be regarded as the first tide resort the Yanguan eight kilometers east of eight Fort, a large gap in the vicinity of the leading angle and Yanguan 11 kilometers west of the old Yancang become Guanchao hot, as long as the master the tidal bore speed (about 25 kilometers per hour), then drove to catch the tide, a wave of three, will be able to feast their eyes on. In the eight Fort seawall, the Babao meet tide, east, south and tidal convergence, Ssangyong sumo, earth shattering, the tide peaks protruding Diecheng iceberg peaks, thrilling; old Yancang Lot, Block 9-meter 650-meter-long T-shaped dam, Koko came to dash for T-dam, a clap of thunder, such as the dragon off the lock roar look back at the forefront towering erect, Fan Shen toward the scales of 18 layers of stone steps Tong, instant Yang from the silver rain, rushed into the sky, it is truly breathtaking, known as the "back to the first boom"; while viewing the middle of the night tide, silver shadow Tao, thousands of odd military. An influx of three tours the King, soul-stirring. Song Su Chan said: "August 18 tide, spectacular world without."

Haining tide is a spectacular natural dynamic spectacle, and Leizhou change drum "," burial "Guangde the Dengzhou Mirage collectively known as the" four no world ". Koko coming from the east, like a silver line, gradually Tamaki days from Setsurei occasion, loud as thunder shook the lasing, swallow-day fertile day, potential pole Valiant ".

Map showing location of Haining Yanguan Tide Scenic Area

Above: Location of Haining Yanguan Tide Scenic Area in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China