Guiqing Mountain Scenic Area

Guiqingshan monuments rich. The temple monastery built in the Ming Longqing years of five centuries of incense enduring Lunar April 8 Buddha bathing temple, pilgrims and visitors thousands. The unique shape of the snow gully Buddhist Temple, Buddhist community, ethereal and distant bell. Off the the Stream Xianqiao, rainbow volley intricate, transcendent mood. The tractor Jackson Zuohua Yeongam Kwu Tung, Jiang Wei launched the stone of ancient and modern spread, the clear Daoguangnianjian Zhangxian Ji Henan Provincial Governor Wang Xian, "a premium on clarity Ten and convey the party and state leadership in so far, Song Ping, Wang Guangying, Lei Jieqiong Jia Zhijie,

Car traffic: starting from the Lanzhou Daoxing to exterminate tigers bridge 208-209 km along the 121 countries between the southwest that is to travel 70 miles.

Travel Information

Summer and autumn Dingxi cool and pleasant climate, the best tourist season.

Cultural geography Environment

Dingxi climate is temperate sub-humid and temperate semi-arid, south-east of warm air is blocked, the obvious continental climate, annual average temperature is 5.7-7.7 ℃.

Map showing location of Guiqing Mountain Scenic Area

Above: Location of Guiqing Mountain Scenic Area in Dingxi, Gansu , China