Guilin Merryland Leisure World

GuiLin MerryLand Golf Course

GuiLin MerryLand Golf Course by voxeros. Sourced via Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.

Located about 1 hours drive north of Guilin, Merryland offers two attractions: A Theme Park and a Golf Course. The golf course with 27 holes. A bit on the expensive side but well worth the money if you are into Golf. The game of Golf is still relatively new in China. There are few golf courses and those that there are, are expensive. Merryland is one of the best of the few courses in the country.

The golf course consists of three sections with a total of 27 holes. It was built in the year 2000 following the American Hill style of course design. It was designed in accordance with USGA rules by Golden Louise and compliments the landscape of Guilin.

Nearby is the Merryland Amusement Park. This fun park covers an area of 60 hectares with six main sections called: Merry China, American Wild West, Dream World, Pirate World, Europe and South Pacific. Within each area are rides and performances for all ages.

A third attraction in the area is the Mandala Garden. This classical style Chinese Garden beside the lake offers a place to relax. A Dong style covered bridge spans the lake and the paths offer a verity of views according to ancient Chinese garden design philosophy.

Map showing location of Guilin Merryland Leisure World

Above: Location of Guilin Merryland Leisure World in Guilin, Guangxi, China