Gudou Hot Spring Tourism Resort

Spa Resort Hot Springs Valley, Gudou unique by experts assessed Gudoushan hot springs in ancient China Springs Huaqing Hot Springs, same-sex a kind of hot spring water quality, water clarity clear, beauty health effects beyond doubt.Valley waterfalls, Tsinghua, Beatrice sweet. Bai Tianyun rosy night with starlight matched, Huangsi the paradise on earth, paradise. Datang palace is more southern European style, EGL wind Lu a variety of indoor and outdoor Tangchi select a variety of recreational facilities, catering and accommodation, conference and office facilities readily available. Oasis diarrhea Yu, Jing Ying Shen Bi; bamboo barbecue, EGL bath, Tanggong dream sleep, and French cuisine; beach huts, Rose Villa, early morning Tingquan, Sichuan love affair. Every scene, always have flowers, Hot Springs Valley is getting better with you.Hillside Gudou hot springs, set of mountains, springs, lakes and seas as a whole, beautiful scenery, a rich hot spring resources, newly completed in Gudou Yamashita Hot Springs Valley, elegant style, to create an extraordinary spa Kingdom .

Map showing location of Gudou Hot Spring Tourism Resort

Above: Location of Gudou Hot Spring Tourism Resort in Jiangmen, Guangdong , China