Guanzhi Mountain

Guanzhi in Liancheng County, Fujian Province, named for its crown of the main peak of the shape of ancient haitai story contains the meaning of the upright and clean. Mountain, 1.5 kilometers east of County Qi, plains, towering, not even the Gang from high; not care potential self, the scenic 123 square kilometers radius of the core scenic area of 46 square kilometers, by haitai crown, Shimen Lake, Tin Village, Jiulong Lake, the sky The rock five clusters, composed of mountains, water, rocks, holes, springs, Temple, Park gods show in a magnificent, elegant, deep. Guanzhi its natural beauty in 1986 was awarded the "Fujian Top Ten Scenic Area, 1994, the State Council announced a national key scenic spots, in 2000 was awarded the national first batch AAAA level tourist area", was included in 2008 Danxia Landform in China the world's natural heritage nomination to "2009 was named" National Geological Park. Closely linked haitai crown and Shimen Lake scenic spot, Qifeng shoulder to shoulder, corresponding landscape, "magnificent" and "beautiful"; known as "upstream of the first concept of reputation, clear water reflect Niyama, the yin and yang said Shuangjue visitors have read enough of life ceremony, as Guanzhi water representative of the root of life and the door of life two vivid sights away from just 1 km away, in the water, a lake, yin and yang relative, in Vicenza, called China is a must, Divine wonders, known as "masculine in the world, unparalleled feminine", known as "Hakka mountain life mountain. Days Walled formerly known as bamboo security stockade, important military history Stockades, located 3 km north of haitai crown, said, "male" and "odd" and "dangerous" scenic "wall" stand like a wall a thousand yards, "Motian "cliff through the clouds," Wan Fu Mo open stone graben door "," swords peak-line sky, "the longevity rock" vivid, peak, "Heavenly Lake" does not overflow does not dry up, Bristol Valley "winding" all the King the swan song. Dragon Lake is connected with the day Walled, more than 1,200 acres of water surface, depth 24 km, Danya its towering, deep gorges, lush vegetation, the landscape of the original eco-Mi attractive, so you enthralled, Dragon Lake Hill does not turn water transfer out of the momentum of the Three Gorges, out of the mood of Wuyi nine out of Jiuzhaigou's pure, turn out the charm of Zhangjiajie.

Map showing location of Guanzhi Mountain

Above: Location of Guanzhi Mountain in Longyan, Fujian, China