Guanmenshan Reservoir Scenic Area in Benxi

Benxi, Liaoning, China

Benxi, Liaoning, China by Derek Harkness. Sourced via Flickr under All rights reserved.

Guanmenshan Reservoir is a large man made lake in Benxi Manchu Autonomous District of Benxi City. Here tourists can take boat trips around part of the lake and view the mountain scenery. This is ideal for those who are which to enjoy the scenery of the area but not up to the long walking required in the National Forest Park or Ecological Park. The best time to visit is in the Autumn, when the leaves are turning. However, avoid the first week in October - China national day is a week long holiday. At that time the park is busiest.

The park is just 500 metres up the road from Guanmenshan National Forest Park. It is also near to Guanmenshan Ecological Park. These each require their own ticket for entrance but are worth seeing.

Map showing location of Guanmenshan Reservoir Scenic Area in Benxi

Above: Location of Guanmenshan Reservoir Scenic Area in Benxi in Benxi, Liaoning, China