Guanegou Scenic Area

The official goose ditch National Forest Park is located in suburban Dangchang County, Gansu Province, 340 kilometers from the provincial capital of Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. October 2003, was promoted to the national forest park. Dam scenic area is a picture of beautiful flowers, winding paths, curved through quiet, large areas of virgin forest is a natural oxygen bar, 4153 meters above sea level, mine ancient mountain, Longnan highest peak, the peak is snow all year round. below the snow line is majestic mist-shrouded boundless forests, both Huangshan, there are the odd risk of Huashan. Exposure period, the Wild phenomena, relaxed and happy, the Willows resting turtle, Shimen natural moat, Sky stone turtle swimming, Jinzun waterfall, whispering gallery, Jockey Beach, Ray ancient drones and other major attractions for tourists to enjoy. Month depression among pine bonfire Ming and flute to get the mountain sound of love. Tan clothes Qiu Sang back rub back, lust lingering heart printed on the heart. Dangchang poet POPLAR America Wing "Xiqiang, antiquity" Quotes of today to establish the of Dangchang country's ancient Qiang descendants of the Tibetan compatriots living in the big dam is Wei, also retained their language, dress, customs the ancient Tanchang Qiang of the original ecological distinct characteristic. Dangchang country, Yang Ma City and other sites has been well preserved. Tibetan women dressed in national costumes, bounce harps and sang Tibetan songs, jump ethnic characteristics Baima Tibetan dance, Ma Tau face dance Guozhuang dance, picturesque Tibetan customs, passionate evening campfire Park Tim splendor, tourists happily nostalgia.

Map showing location of Guanegou Scenic Area

Above: Location of Guanegou Scenic Area in Longnan, Gansu , China